Planeta Eden

Czech version of these pages.

Dreams of Space: Books and Ephemera

Our most favourite site full of scans of beautiful old non-fiction books about space flight for children. Including several Russian ones. Great collection gathered by John Sisson.

Retro-Future: To the Stars!

Great cosmic retrofuture collection from the Dark Roasted Blend website.


Matt Novak's blog on the „future that never was“ is a great archive of retrofuturistic visions.


Russian LiveJournal retrofuturistic community.

Future Past: 173 Radical Retrofuturistic Directions in Design & Technology

Another collection of retrofuturistic visions.

Gallery of several German-speaking futuristic artists of the past. In German, with some English translation.

Blog by Pavel Popelskii, collection of illustrations from the (mostly Soviet) futuristic journalism.

Retro Future

Retrofuturistic blog, apparently not updated anymore.

Science fiction in the art

Large collection of scans and transcriptions about Soviet SF art. In Russian.

Teodor Rotrekl: Mementa 60.let

Catalogue of Teodor Rotrekl´s art (mostly non-SF) from 1960´s. In Czech with German and English summary.